Ashley Watson


Made top 40 on Reverbnation


Release of the single "Reason I Smile" on Itunes

Skylark's "Twilights of Sand" album is released in Brazil with Shinigami Records!


Skylark starts 2012 Japan concert tour. 


Skylark's "Twilights of Sand" album is released in Mexico with Moon Records!


Skylark's "Twilights of Sand" is finally available in the Italian and European market with Underground Symphony.


The Skylark album "Twilights of Sand" saw incredible success in Japan where it stayed on the Japanese Amazon rock/metal chart for 30 days, occupying position number one for 10 days and position number two (only behind the new Van Halen release) for another 10 days. The album also reached the top 100 global chart remaining there for 15 days, reaching it's peak at number 12 and ending 32nd in the second week of January (best western act ahead of artists such as Adele and Lady Gaga).


Skylark album reaches #22 on the Amazon JP Rock/Pop charts!


Skylark had a meet and greet at Rock No Cocoro, one of  Tokyo's best rock bars, where the Princess of the Desert was introduced for the first time to the  Japanese fans. 


Ashley leaves for Japan for a press and acoustic tour.   


Ashley goes to New York's legendary Sterling Studios where George Marino masters the new Skylark album, including Ashley's

new song "Sands of Time".


Ashley is selected as the new lead singer for the international rock band Skylark. 

Ashley is asked to be in a music video for the Tyrone Vaughan Band.


Random Doors Movie teaser is complete!
Ashley did the vocals and made a cameo appearance in the feature film Random Doors directed by Randy Huckabone due out  in mid-2012. You can see the trailer with Ashley's vocals under the Videos tab. 


Hard Rock Cafe - Phoenix
Ashley loved playing at the Hard Rock but her guitarist's mother was in a rollover accident on the freeway just before the show started. Needless to say, she had to do a quick change of songs. Fortunately, his mom is doing well with very little injury. It was a miracle!